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Boga Lake or Bagakain Lake is a unique specimen of the great creator in the heart of Bandarban. This naturally formed lake is located at an altitude of 2600 feet above sea level. It is the highest freshwater lake in Bangladesh. Or the strange structure of Boga Lake on the top of another small funnel-shaped hill, much like a volcanic volcano. Among the geological masses of Bangladesh, Boga Lake formed about 2,000 years ago as a result of a volcanic eruption of a dead volcano or the fall of a meteorite from space. However, there are many myths surrounding Boga Lake. Many also call it Dragon Lake. From the point of view of art, it can be said that Boga Lake is a unique specimen of nature. The fatigue of crossing inaccessible paths is lost in the abyss of the lake. It seems to change from time to time. So at every different time, Boga Lake is seen in a different form. At night, in the soft light of the moon, the reflection of the sky can be seen in the water of the lake. Boga Lake Para has been created centering on the Boga Lake Bom tribals. It is a unique environment to blend in with the indigenous people. The winding path of hilly roads along with Boga Lake attracts tourists here.

How to go-

No matter where you are in Bangladesh, if you want to go to Boga Lake, you have to come to Bandarban first. AC and non-AC are the two types of buses plying this route. From Dhaka, buses of S Alam, Shyamoli, Hanif, Saint Martin Paribahan, Saudia, Unique, Dolphin etc., leave for Bandarban. Rent from non-AC 550 TK and AC 950 TK to 1500 TK. It takes 8 to 10 hours to take a bus from Dhaka to Bandarban. If you want to go by train from Dhaka to Sonar Bangla, Subarna Express, Turna Nishita, Mahanagar Godhuli you can go to Chittagong by these trains and from Chittagong you can go to Bandarban by bus or private car. Train fares vary from Rs 350 to Rs 1,200. From Chittagong, these two types of buses Purabi and Purbani leave for Bandarban. It takes 30 minutes and the rent is 60 TK per person. You can also come directly to Chittagong by air.
From Bandarban to Boga Lake: If you want to go to Boga Lake from Bandarban city, you have to go to Rumabazar first. The distance from Bandarban to Ruma Bazar is 48 kilometers. Ruma Bazaar can be reached by moon car or bus. If you do 10 to 15 people at a time, you can go to the moon car. Rents range from Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000. And if you are alone, you can join a team. If you want to go by bus, you have to go to Ruma bus stand in Bandarban. After an hour from Bandarban, the bus leaves for Ruma. Rent 120 TK will take 3 hours. However, it takes 2 hours to get to the moon car. If you want to go to Boga Lake from Ruma Bazaar, you have to take a tourist guide first and it is mandatory. For each day, the guide has to pay 600 TK as per the BGB excluding his personal expenses. You have to get permission to go to Boga Lake at the army camp in Ruma Bazaar. You have to fill the form with your identity in the permit. However, the guide will help you in this task. Boga Lake is not allowed to go after 4 pm. The distance from Ruma Bazar to Boga Lake is 18 km. From Ruma Bazaar you have to go to Boga Lake by jeep or moon car. The rent is 100 TK per person. After reaching Boga Lake, you have to re-enter the name and address in the BGB camp on the shores of the lake.

How to get low cost-
If you can go to Ruma Bazaar by bus from Bandarban city, the fare is 120 TK per person. From Ruma Bazar you can go to Boga Lake by local moon car. In this case the fare is 100 TK per person.

How to go luxuriously-
You can go directly to Boga Lake from Bandarban city by reserving a jeep or a moon car. In this case, the price is around Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000.

How to stay –

No high-quality hotel or resort has been built around Boga Lake. However, the tribals have some small cottages. The cottages were built by the aborigines in a natural environment. The rent of the cottage is 100 TK per person. A cottage house can accommodate 12 to 14 people. Separate cottages for clothes or women can also be arranged, so you can take the help of a guide. The cottage can be fixed in advance with the help of a guide.

How to stay low cost
If you want to stay at a low cost, you have to tell the guide in advance and the rent of the cottages far from the lake is a bit lower.

How to be luxurious-
Boga Lake has no rest house of high quality. There are separate cottages for couples. The rent is a bit higher. In addition, a state-of-the-art rest house of the Hill Development Board is under construction. In a few days, tourists will have the opportunity to spend the night there. You can also stay at Siam Didi’s Hotel (Phone 01740-621590).

How to eat-

When you reach Ruma Bazaar, you can eat there. There are almost all kinds of food hotels out there. There are also food hotels in the tribal areas of Boga Lake. The guide can arrange the food. There are chairs and tables in front of the tribal houses. You can have dinner there. Usually, food packages of 100 to 200 TK are available. Meals are prepared with rice, eggs, mashed potatoes and chicken.

How to eat at low cost-
If you want to eat at a low cost, you can eat tribal food. Their food packages are between 100 to 200 TK. It is better to say in advance what to eat and how many to eat.

How to eat in a luxurious way-
If it is noon when you reach Ruma, you can have lunch there. There you will find delicious food of high quality. And you can take food for the night. Boga Lake can take everything he needs from Ruma Bazaar. If you don’t want to eat mountain chicken, you can take chicken from Ruma Bazaar. Chicken bar-b-que is arranged in almost all the cottages.

Advice to do!

Boga Lake has no electricity, so you can take the power bank with you to charge your mobile. However, there is a system of solar power. Keep a copy of your national identity card with you. You must get permission to go to the army camp to go to Boga Lake. There is no mobile network available in Boga Lake but Robi and Teletalk networks are available so keep any SIM with you. Always be careful on hilly winding roads. Keep some essentials with you – food saline, tracking shoes, light medicine, clean water and dry food.

Advice not to do that!

There have been some accidents while taking a Sampriti bath so be careful while taking a bath. Do not take pictures without the permission of the tribals. Do not do things that disrespect the tribals. Do not do work that harms the natural environment.

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