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Chimbuk Hill is one of the hilly beauties of Bangladesh. Chimbuk hill has been known as Darjeeling in Bengal for a long time. It is also better known as the queen of mountain beauty. Due to its natural beauty, many tourists visit here every year. Just as Chimbuk Mountain attracts domestic tourists, so do many foreign tourists. The sunset and sunrise from Chimbuk hill are very captivating. Chimbuk Hills is now well known abroad beyond the borders of the country. Chimbuk hill is located at an altitude of 2500 feet above sea level. The distance from Bandarban in the hill district of Bangladesh to Chimbuk hill is 26 km. You will be thrilled to travel from Bandarban to Chimbu on a winding mountain road by moon car or jeep. On the way, the view of the hills on both sides of the road is very captivating. The green hills and forests are eye-catching. Indigenous villages can be seen from the road. Their homes are different. Their houses are built like scaffolding. The indigenous people of the village live a simple life, and they are as simple as nature. On the way to Chimbuk hill, the Sangu river will make your journey more interesting and exciting. The mountain road leads directly to the top of Chimbuk. Going to the highest road in Bangladesh, you will feel like you are crossing the sky. If you look at the top of Chimbuk from top to bottom, you will feel that you are floating in the air. The rain suddenly falls on the mountains, so the clouds are always visible in the mountains. If you go up the hill to the south side stairs, you will see a huge courtyard called Nab Chattar. From here you can see the sea of ​​huge clouds standing in the autumn. The frozen air soothes the sun. And from here, the eyes will go a few kilometers away. Its beauty can be enjoyed from all around.

How to go to Chimbuk hill-

If you want to go to Chimbuk hill from any part of the country, first you have to go to Bandarban. You can go to Bandarban by direct bus from Dhaka. You can also go by train or by air. In that case, you have to go to Chittagong, from there two buses named Pubali and Purbani Paribahan go to Bandarban. From Ruma bus station in Bandarban, you can take a moon car, Land Rover, CNG, Pajero and local bus directly to Chimbuk hill. As the road is very inaccessible, no vehicles ply on this route after 4 pm, so tourists have to return by 4 pm.
How to go to Chimbuk hill at low cost-
From Fakirapul, Saidabad, Kalabagan bus stations of the capital, buses of Shyamoli, S Alam, Saudia, Hanif, Dolphin, Unique etc., leave directly for Bandarban. The fare of these non-AC buses ranges from Rs 550 to Rs 650. And if you want to go by train from Dhaka, you can go to Chittagong by Sonar Bangla, Subarna Express, Turna Nishita, Mahanagar Godhuli. In that case the rent varies from Rs 350 to Rs 1,200 depending on the class. From Chittagong, these two buses named Pubali and Purbani leave for Bandarban with a fare of Tk. 220. Then from Ruma bus station in Bandarban city you can go directly to Chimbuk hill by microbus or bus on the Bandarban-Thanchi route. The fare is non-AC 400 TK.
How to go to Chimbuk Mountains in a luxurious way-
The first fare from Dhaka to Bandarban by AC bus is from Tk 950 to Tk 1500. Again you can go for a comfortable trip by air. In that case you have to go to Chittagong first. From Dhaka, flights of Bangladesh Biman, US-Bangla Airlines, Regent Airways, NovoAir etc., left for Chittagong. Rent from 2500 to 6000 TK. Again you can go to Chittagong in a luxurious train compartment, in which case the fare is 2000 TK. From there you can go to Bandarban by private car or bus. From Bandarban, you can go directly to Chimbuk hill by reserving moon car, Land Rover, Pajero. The rent is up to 2-4 thousand TK. If you go to the reserve, you can spend time at different spots on the way.

Where to stay-

Since Chimbuk is a hilly area and its path is inaccessible. So there is no hotel to stay in here. So for an overnight stay you can stay in different resorts in Bandarban town or Nilgiris.

How to stay low cost-
The number of resorts near Chimbuk hill is very expensive as it is a remote area. So there are many hotels in Bandarban city where you can stay in one of the rent is usually 800 to 2000 TK per person.

How to be luxurious-
There are many luxury hotels, including various resorts, five stars, three-star near Bandarban district town. There are many cottages in different resorts. The room rent of these cottages is 3000 TK. There are resorts in Nilachal and Nilgiri where the rent can be 3000 TK per room. Below are the names of the resorts and hotels in and around Bandarban:

1. Hotel Hill View
Address: Bandarban City
Rent: 1000 to 4000 TK
Phone: 0361-63045
2. Hotel Plaza
Address: Army Para, Bandarban
Rent: 2000 to 3000 TK
Phone: 0361-63252
3. Holiday Inn Resort
Address: Opposite Meghla Tourist Complex
Rent: 1500 to 3000 TK
Phone: 0361-62898
4. Hotel Threestar
Address: Bandarban Bus Stand
Rent: 2500 to 3000 TK
Phone: 01553421069
5. Hillside Resort
Address: Milonchhari Bandarban
Rent: 1500 to 3000
Phone: 01556539022

How to eat-

There is a canteen run by the army next to Chimbuk hill. Breakfast and lunch are arranged here. Moreover, there is a tribal food hotel in front of the Chimbuk tourist center. The fun of eating their own food with the indigenous people in the mountains is different. Meals are also provided by various hotels and rest houses in Bandarban. From fish to meat, all kinds of protein foods and vegetables are arranged in these hotels.
How to eat at low cost-
If you want to eat at a lower cost, you can eat at a hotel run by the army. Almost all types of food are available there at the cost of 100-200 TK. And in case you can eat from different food hotels in Bandarban city, the cost is less.

How to eat in a luxurious way-
If you want to eat in a luxurious way, food is served in the buffet system in five-stars, three-star hotels. You can choose the hotel according to the quality and type of food. Moreover, there are many good quality restaurants in Bandarban city. Indigenous food is also standard at Chimbuk Spot. High-quality food is served at various resorts.

What to advise!

Carry a national identity card or any photo ID. Be sure to keep a good camera phone or DSLR camera with you as sticking to the mountain beauty frame means keeping it in mind. If possible, reserve a car because if you go to the reserve, you can take a view from every viewing spot. Enjoy the beauty of the hilly roads well. From Bandarban to Chimbuk Hills, you can go from Chimbuk Hills to Nilgiri Hills as you can take two interesting routes and the cost is less. Keep some essentials like food saline, trekking shoes, light medicine, pure water and dry food.

Do not advise!

Hilly winding roads are extremely risky so be careful at all times. Do not disrespect the culture of the indigenous people living in the remote mountains. Don’t laugh at their costumes. Do not take pictures of them without permission. Don’t take risks in risky places as it can be dangerous.

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