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Inani Beach is a coastal land in the Bay of Bengal. It is located about 26 km south of Cox’s Bazar city and 5 km south of Himchhari tourist center. The beauty of the mountains on one side and the sea on the other is like a different experience. Inani Beach is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Cox’s Bazar, the largest beach in the world. The coral, the endless combination of white waves with pebbles, is the masterful creation of the Creator. Inani Beach is a wonderful place in the 120 km long beach of Cox’s Bazar. This beach is very familiar to domestic and foreign tourists. The breathtaking view of the sunset and the enchanting beauty of its surroundings fill the minds of the tourists. In a word, Inani can be called the paradise of nature. Numerous coral reefs are scattered across the vast expanse of Inani Beach. These rocks of different shapes have survived for ages. However, at high tide, the rocks are submerged in seawater. So at low tide, the rocks wake up on the beach. Usually, the tide is in the afternoon, so it is better to stay here in the afternoon. Missing the opportunity to watch the sunset in the afternoon can be a cause for regret later on. Inani Beach is a beautiful green land with the sea on one side and mountains on the other.

How to get there:
First, you have to go to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka. AC and non-AC buses of Saudia, Greenline, S Alam, Hanif Enterprise, Sohag Paribahan, Modern Line, Shah Bahadur etc., go directly to Cox’s Bazar. The rent will be from 900 TK to 2000 TK. If you want to go by train, you can go by train from Dhaka to Chittagong. Then you have to take a bus from Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar. Airlines like NovoAir, Regent Airways, United Airways etc. go directly to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka. In this case, it takes only 45 minutes. Rent 3500 to 11000 TK. Then you will get open jeeps, CNG and autorickshaws from Cox’s Bazar to Inani Beach.

How to get low cost:
You can go to Cox’s Bazar by non-AC bus from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. Rent 900 TK. From Cox’s Bazar, you can go directly to Inani Beach by taking local CNG for 60 TK per person.

How to go luxuriously:
From Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar you can go to Cox’s Bazar by AC bus of Mercedes-Benz, Greenline, Saudia etc. of S Alam. Rents range from TK 1,500 to TK 2,500. Again you can go by air depending on the class fare 3500 to 11000 TK. You can reserve a jeep from Cox’s Bazar to Inani Beach. Rent 1500 to 2000 TK. If you go by autorickshaw, the rent for the whole day will be 1200 to 2000 TK.

Where to stay:
High-quality hotels and motels are being built here with tourists in mind. Among them Tulip Sea-Pearl Resort, Inani Royal Resort, Lavela Resort are notable. You can also stay at various hotels in Cox’s Bazar.

How to stay low cost:
If you want to stay low cost, you have to go during the off-peak season, even without holidays and you can stay in low-quality hotels a little away from the beach. Usually, you can go any time outside the peak season from October to March. You can choose low and medium quality hotels.
Motel Coral, rent can be 1,000 to 2,000 TK. You can contact 034163211.
Hotel Upal, rent can be 1,200 to 2,500 TK can contact 034164256.
Hotel Sea Cox, rent can be 3,000 to 6,000 TK. You can contact 0174363106.
Hotel Hyperion Sea World, rent can be 4,000 to 5,500 TK can contact 01719335313.

How to be luxurious:
If you want to stay in a luxurious and comfortable way, you can choose world-class 5 star, 4 star, or 3-star hotels. The quality of service and security system of the hotels in Cox’s Bazar is very good.
Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort can be rented for TK 8,000 to TK 20,000. You can contact 01936471.
Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa can be rented for TK 10,000 to TK 1,200,000. You can contact 01744017001.
Simon Beach Resort can be rented for TK. 1,000,000 to TK. 50,000. You can contact 096107.
Long Beach hotel rent can be 6,000 to 5,000,000 TK. You can contact 017556051.
Seagull Hotel rent can be 5,000 to 40,000 TK. You can contact 034162460.
Hotel Sea Crown rent can be from 5,000 to 40,000 TK. You can contact 015506951.
Hotel The Cox Today can be rented for TK 8,000 to TK 60,000. You can contact 01755596450.

Where to eat:
Inani Beach does not have much food. However, you can take it with dry food from Cox’s Bazar. You will temporarily find some food shops on Inani Beach. You can also go to Cox’s Bazar and eat at different hotels.

How to eat at low cost:
You can choose medium quality restaurants in Cox’s Bazar for low-cost meals like Niribili, Zhaoban, Dhansinri, Rodela etc. It would be better to bargain before meals. Of course, you have to choose the restaurants a little away from the beach.

How to eat in a luxurious way:
If you want to eat in a luxurious way, you can order food in hotels or resorts. They will serve the food according to your menu on time. You can eat Hyderabadi Biryani from Handi Restaurant. You can also go to KFC if you want.
Advice to do that!
Enjoy the beauty of Cox’s Bazar beach with utmost care. Get down to the water knowing the exact time of tide. Keep spare battery and charger for mobile or camera. Don’t forget to keep mini multiplug. Get help from Tourist Police or BGB. If you get in trouble, call 999 emergency number.

Advice not to do those things!
Do not go to the broker under any circumstances. Do not go into the water if you do not know how to swim. Do not do any immoral-anti-social work. Do not throw empty packets of polythene, plastic bottle chips where. Do not do work that harms the environment.

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