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Nijhum Island is a small island in the south of Bangladesh surrounded by the sea shelf in the Bay of Bengal. It is located in Hatia Upazila of Noakhali district. Its area is 14,050 acres. It consists of four small islands. As it is a tidal island, numerous cameras can be seen on the island. The most interesting thing about Nijhum Island is the Chitra deer roaming in the Keora forest and green grass. If you are a nature lover, then this is the ideal place for you. In winter, thousands of guest birds, as well as native birds, visit the area. The island is home to Chitra deer, monkeys, foxes and a variety of snakes. Among the guest, birds are Chakhachakhi, Rangamuri, Bhutihash, Sarali, Jiria, Lanza, Gangchil etc. There are about 40,000 deer here.

Nijhumdwip consists of four main islands – Ballarchar, Kamlar Char, Char Osman and Char Muri. It is named Nijhum Island because of its silence. The island is inhabited but has no electricity. So electricity is supplied there through generator and solar power. Birds and deer can be seen very early in the morning. With the help of a local guide, you can go out to see the deer. Besides, you can go to the end of the Chowdhury canal to see the deer herd and take pictures. Deer can be seen in Choakhali very early in the morning. The environment of Orange Island is extremely captivating. Hilsa is available in the canal here. You can eat barbecue with this hilsa. In the evening you can enjoy the sunset by riding Kabiraj. You can also enjoy the sunset from Nama Bazaar.

When to go:

Winter and spring are the ideal time to visit Nijhum Island. Because it is dangerous to travel in other seasons due to emergency weather.

How to go:

If your trip is by road, then you have to go to Noakhali Chairman Ghat first. From Dhaka, buses of Asia Line, Asia Classic, Himachal Express, Ekushey Express etc., go to Noakhali Sonapur. The fare of non-AC and AC coaches of these buses is 350 to 450 TK. The chairman can go to the ghat by reserving CNG from Sonapur. CNG fare is 400 to 450 TK. However, if you go for sharing, the rent per person is 100 to 120 TK. You can also travel by train from Dhaka to Upakul Express and Noakhali Express to Maijdi in Noakhali. It takes 6 hours. Rent varies from 230 to 530 TK. You have to reserve CNG from Maijdi to Chairman Ghat and the rent will be 120 to 130 TK per person. The chairman will have to go to Hatiyar Nalchira Ghat by sea truck, trawler and speed board. The rent is 100 to 400 TK per person. You have to get down at Nalchira Ghat and from there you have to go to Muktaria Ghat by motorbike. Rent 400 to 450 TK. From Moktaria Ghat you have to go to Bandartila Ghat on Nijhum Island by a trawler. The rent will be 22 TK.

Hatia can be reached directly from Sadarghat in Dhaka by launching again. Every day at 5:30 pm a single launch leaves for the tool. He later reached Hatiyar Ghat between 8 am and 10 am the next day. Rent from TK 350 to TK 2200. To get down to Hatiyar Tamurddi Ghat and reach Muktaria Ghat by motorbike. The rent will be 300 to 350 TK. From Moktaria Ghat you have to go to Bandartila Ghat on Nijhum Island by a trawler. The rent will be 22 TK.

How to get low cost:
The fare is the lowest when going to the launch. Hatia can be reached directly from Sadarghat in Dhaka. You have to get off at Hatiyar Tamarddi Ghat and from there you have to go to Moktaria Ghat by motorcycle. From there, the trawler will go to Bandartila Ghat on Nijhum Island.

How to go luxuriously:
If you want to go in a luxurious way, you can go by AC bus or launch cabin.

Where to stay:

There are good quality hotels to stay in on Nijhum Island. You can also go camping. Below are the details of some of the hotels with detailed information:

1. Nijhum Resort (Vacation Hotel)

Address: Namarbazar.

Rent: 1500-3000 TK.

Phone: 01724-14574, 01745-55699, 01738-230855

2. Hotel Shaheen

Address: Namarbazar.

Rent: 1000 to 2000 TK.

Phone: 0173-15071

3. Mosque boarding

Address down market.

Rent: 200 to 300 TK.

Phone: 01726-9569

4. Mahmud Boarding

Address: Namar Bazar.

Rent: 50 TK per person.

Phone: 01713-111694

5. Hotel Resources (Syed Uncle Accommodation and Dining Hotel)

Address: Namarbazar.

Phone: 01720-601026, 0170 006107

. Nijhum Resort

Address: Bandartila.

Rent: 600 to 700 TK.

Phone: 01746 123562

How to stay low cost:
There are four to five residential boarding houses at a very cheap market in Nijhum Island. You can stay at Masjid Boarding and Mahmud Boarding for very little money. Here the rent per person is 50 to 200 TK. They do not have an attached bathroom and generator.

How to stay luxurious:
There is no electricity in Nijhum Island. Here generators also supply electricity with solar power. Therefore, in hotels and resorts where generators are provided, the rent is comparatively higher. Nijhum Resort, Hotel Shaheen and Nijhum Dreamland Resort have good and quality rooms. The rent of these hotels ranges from TK.1000 to TK.3000.

Where to eat:

Hotels and resorts on Nijhum Island offer meals. So you can talk in advance. There are some local food hotels here. Among them – Altaf Uncle Hotel, Bhai Bhai Hotel, Dwip Hotel, Hotel Sea-Bird are some them. In these hotels, you will find marine fish, meat, coarse rice, bread, crabs, dried fruits etc. You can buy fish or hilsa fish and arrange a barbecue. You can get fresh dabs almost everywhere, the price is 20 TK.

How to eat at low cost:
If you want to eat at a low cost, you can eat at local hotels. Playing with different types of fish will not cost more than 50 to 60 TK.

How to eat in a luxurious way:
The resorts on Nijhum Island have good food arrangements. The resorts serve all kinds of fun food. You can arrange a barbecue with the hotel manager.

Advice to do that!

Only Robi and Grameenphone networks are available in Nijhum Island, so take these SIMs with you. Bargain when renting hotels. Keep with power bank, extra battery. Call 999 in case of emergency.

Advice not to do those things!

Do not do work that harms wildlife. Do not throw dirt everywhere.


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