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The Sundarbans is a natural wonder of the world located in the coastal region of the Bay of Bengal. This green land of boundless beauty is spread across the Khulna, Satkhira and Bagerhat districts of Bangladesh. The Sundarbans is rich in biodiveTKity and is one of the most attractive places for people all over the world. Its area in Bangladesh is 6,017 sq km. It is the largest delta island in the world and the largest mangrove forest. There are 334 species of plants and 465 species of wildlife. Among them are 120 species of fish, 280 species of birds, 42 species of mammals, 35 reptiles and 6 amphibians. Moreover, the Sundarbans is home to the world-famous Royal Bengal Tiger. The main forest varieties of the Sundarbans include Sundari, Gewa, Jhamti Garan and Keora. It is believed that the name Sundarbans is due to the abundance of beautiful trees in this forest. In 1997, UNESCO declared the Sundarbans a World Heritage Site. The Sundarbans is an attractive place for tourists. Hiron Point, Katka Beach, Dublarchar Karamjal, Harbaria, Kachikhali, Jamtala Beach etc., are the attractive tourist areas of the Sundarbans. Every year a lot of tourists come here to see the wildlife. The beautiful scenery of Katkar is very interesting. There is a post bungalow and observation tower run by the forest department. Diamond Point also has guest buildings and observation toweTK for tourists. Dublar Char is famous for Shutki.

How to go-

If you want to go to Sundarbans from Dhaka, you have to reach Khulna fiTKt. There are direct buses, launches and trains from Dhaka to Khulna. These two types of buses run regularly, AC and non-AC. Sohag Paribahan, Hanif Enterprise, Greenline and Eagle Paribahan operate regularly from Dhaka. Buses leave for Khulna from 6 am to 11 pm. It takes about 8 houTK to reach Khulna by bus from Dhaka. If you want to go by train, you can come to Khulna by Sundarbans Express and Suchitra Express from Dhaka’s Kamalapur Railway Station. If you want to go by plane, you have to go to Jessore. Khulna can be reached by bus or private car from Jessore. Launches of various companies are regularly plying from Dhaka’s Sadarghat Launch Terminal to Khulna. Then you have to go to Sundarbans by renting launches of different packages from Khulna launch terminal. You can also go to the beautiful forest from Mongla Ghat. In that case, you can go to Mongla Ghat by bus or private car from Khulna. The average cost of a moderate tour, depending on the quality of the food and the ship, is TK.

How to go at low cost-

In case you can go directly to Khulna by bus from Dhaka, non-ACs start from Tk 350 to Tk 550. You have to get off the bus and go by rickshaw or auto to Khulna launch dock. If you want to go by train, you can reach Sundarban Express and Chitra Express from Dhaka’s Kamalapur Railway Station to Khulna, in which case the fare starts from Tk. 390. And if you go to Khulna by train, you don’t have to get off at the station because the station and launch ghat are near. Usually, every Friday to Sunday and Monday to ThuTKday there is an operator package at Khulna launch dock. If there are 35-40 people, it is possible to travel between 4000 to 5000 TK by flooring in a launch. In that case, you have to book in advance. The same rule can be followed in the Sundarbans from Mongla Ghat. In this case you have to go by bus from Khulna to Mongla Ghat. It will take less launch fare. Again, it is possible to travel from Mongla Ghat to the beautiful forest in one day, in which case the fare is less.

How to go in luxurious way-
The fare of Khulna AC bus from Dhaka is 1400 TK. If you want to go by plane, you have to get off at Jessore. You can go to Khulna by bus or private car from Jessore. There is a package of up to Tk 20,000 for luxury touTK at Khulna launch dock. The rent is fixed depending on the quality of food and facilities.
Tour Company Details-
Silver Wave, Phone – 01713453136
The Guide TouTK Ltd. Phone-01711540431
Khulna Badaban and OT Ali Vessel Director Rupantar Eco-Tourism Ltd. Phone-01711729414
Sundarbans WandereTK and Adventures Ltd. Phone 01711439556
Royal Tour of Royal Gondola Vessel, Phone 01711295636 etc.

Where to stay-

You can spend the night in the Sundarbans for lunch, but if you want, you can stay at the Forest Department’s Rest House at Nilkamal in Hiran Point and Kachikhali and Katka in Tiger Point.

How to stay low cost-
You can stay overnight at a hotel in Satkhira and Khulna near the Sundarbans. Among them are Hotel Tiger Garden, Hotel Castle Salam, Hotel Royal, Hotel City etc. In this case the rent is less.

How to stay luxurious-
In the Sundarbans, Nilkamal at Hiron Point and Kachikhali at Tiger Point and at the Forest Department Rest House at Katka. The rent for tourists in Nilkamal is 3000 TK per room, in Kachikhali 3000 TK per room, 4 rooms are 10,000 TK and in Katka it is 2000 TK per peTKon. The rent for foreigneTK is double.

What to eat

After coming to Khulna from Dhaka, you will find many types of food hotels in Khulna city where you can eat. Almost every launch of the Sundarbans Tour (package) has a food buffet system. The launch varies with the food and its quality. So look at the food items and select the package. Here you will find a variety of delicious food, including local food. In addition to three meals a day, they also serve snacks, appetizeTK, desserts, etc.

How to eat at low cost-
You can select low priced tour packages from Khulna Launch Ghat or Mongla Ghat from wherever you get on the launch. That means you can take packages of six to eight thousand TK.

How to eat in a luxurious way-
Luxury packages cost around TK 20,000. There are many types of items available in these, just as high-quality food is available. In addition to three meals a day, they also serve snacks, appetize, desserts, etc.

Advice to do those things!

At least three days before the Sundarbans trip, get permission from the concerned officer in charge by applying in the prescribed form for the Sundarbans tour. Enter the forest with the forest guards. Visit the wildlife trail from the observation tower. During their stay at the entrance of the Sundarbans, forest workeTK or membeTK of the law enforcement agencies will provide full cooperation during the inspection of ships to verify the quality of tourism services or to verify the interests of the Sundarbans. Travel to the sanctuary area is subject to a separate entry fee prescribed by the government. Be aware of the risks of travelling to the Sundarbans. You need to be aware of the wildlife sanctuaries in the Sundarbans. During the trip to the Sundarbans, it is necessary to treat the on-duty forest workeTK with courtesy and to follow the advice of the responsible forest workeTK. Keep some essentials with you – food saline, tracking shoes, light medicine, clean water and dry food.

Advice not to do those things!

Do not spend the night in the Sundarbans without the prior approval of the Forest Department. Do not walk alone in the Sundarbans. Do not land in sea or canal water and refrain from bathing and swimming. Please refrain from any activities or behaviouTK that could frighten the animals of the Sundarbans or endanger their lives or threaten their biodiveTKity. Do not throw any dirty garbage in the river water of Sundarbans.

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