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‘Hasan Rajar Bari’ is one of the major attractions of Sunamganj district. The traditional ‘Hasan Raja’s House’ is situated on the banks of Surma river near Tegharia Sahebbazar Ghat in Sunamganj city. He was born here in 1854. The mystic poet Hasan Raja was an aristocratic Landlord. Numerous songs composed by him are still at the top of popularity. A fair called ‘Hasan Fakirer Mela’ was organized in this house in 1982. Since then, his house has become a center of attraction for people. This house is known as the museum of Hasan Raja. Hassan Raja Museum has several pictures. Of these, only his photographs were collected from a studio in Calcutta in 1982. Hassan Raja’s museum is alive with various items used by him. Among the items he used were cash boxes, chairs and tables, colourful cloaks, water purifiers, swords, earthenware pots, milk jugs, bowls, pans, wooden clogs, sticks, brass jugs, handwritten song copies and more. It is thought that when a king or an Englishman came to see him, he wore a colourful cloak. And the sword is found in his lineage. He received the water purifier as a gift from William Little, an English Naib. There are rumors that Hasan Raja used to fill a clay pot with money and scatter it among the children. The museum has his used musical instruments drums, palms, temples.

How to go there:

You have to go to Sunamganj first from any part of the country. The distance from Dhaka to Sunamganj is 296 kilometers. Shyamoli, Ena, Mamun, Nur, Ekta, Saudia, Newline, Mitali etc. buses leave from Dhaka’s Saidabad for Sunamganj. AC and non-AC bus fares range from TK 550 to TK 900.

It is not possible to go directly to Sunamganj by rail. So you have to go to Sylhet by train from Dhaka to Sylhet. Then you have to come to Sunamganj by bus. Sylhet can be reached by train like Upban, Udayan, Paharika, Jayantika etc. Rent varies from TK 80 to TK 100. You can go to Sylhet from Dhaka by air again. Bangladesh Biman, Jet Air, Nova Air, Regent Air, United Air and other airlines operate regular flights from Dhaka to Sylhet. Rent 3000 to 4000 TK. Then you have to go to Sunamganj by bus from Sylhet. Coming to Sunamganj, you can easily go to Hasan Raja Museum by autorickshaw and CNG.

How to go at low cost:

If you go directly to Sunamganj by non-AC bus from Dhaka, the fare is less. In this case, the rent is 550 TK. From there you will go to Hasan Raja Museum by rickshaw for 20 TK.

How to go luxuriously:
You can go to Sunamganj by AC bus from Dhaka. The rent is 800 to 900 TK. If you want to go by air, you have to go from Dhaka to Sylhet. From there you have to go to Sunamganj by bus or private car. You can get off the bus and reserve CNG and go to Hasan Raja Museum.

Where to stay:

There are local level VIPs and moderately quality hotels and resorts to stay in Sunamganj. There are different quality rooms available for 400 to 2000 TK. These hotels include-

1. Hotel Noorani

Address: Old Bus Stand, Station Road, Sunamganj.

Phone: 08155347, 01917-142939

2. Hotel Noor

Address: East Bazar, Station Road, Sunamganj.

Phone: 08155225, 01716306

3. Hotel Mizan

Address: East Bazar, Station Road, Sunamganj.

Phone: 08155640

4. Hotel Serpinia

Address: Jagannath Bari Road, Sunamganj

Phone: 0815526

5. Surma Valley Residential Resort

Address: 14 Tusan, Suloghar, Sunamganj.

Phone: 00726913957, 01711-43603

How to stay low cost:
If you want to stay at a low cost, you can stay in hotels like Hotel Noor, Hotel Mizan, Hotel Sarpinia, Hotel Noorani etc. Rent 400 to 600 TK.

How to stay luxurious:
Sunamganj has high-quality hotels, motels and resorts. Surma Valley Residential Resort is one of them. It costs 1500 TK.

Where to eat:

There are some food hotels around Hassan Raja’s house. Get food according to your needs. Among them, five brothers Hotel, Janata Hotel, Hotel Raj are notable.

How to eat at low cost:
Among the medium quality food hotels, Janata Hotel and Panch Bhai Hotel are popular. Food is available here at low prices.

How to eat in a luxurious way:
Five Star Restaurant, Ruposhi Bangla Restaurant, Rubita Sweetmeat and Restaurant, Sonargaon Restaurant, New Grameen Restaurant etc. serve high-quality food. So you can eat as per the demand in these hotels.

Advice to do that!

When renting vehicles and hotels, check and choose. You can visit the haor area of ​​Sunamganj. You can travel by boat on the Surma River. Call 99 in case of emergency.

Advice not to do those things!

Don’t waste anything in Hassan Raja’s museum. Don’t eat things given to you by strangers. Don’t throw dirt anywhere.

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