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Kuakata sea beach is located in Latachapali union of Kalapara upazila of Patuakhali district in Bangladesh. It is the only beach in South Asia where sunrise and sunset can be seen. Known as ‘Sagarkanya’, this beach is the second largest beach in the country. Kuakata beach has a history of naming. It is thought that the Arakanese were expelled from Burma by the Mughal rulers in the 16th century and settled in the area. Due to the presence of salt water on the coast, they dug one well after another in need of fresh water, hence the name Kuakata. The length of Kuakata beach is 18 km. It is the ideal place for those who like a secluded beach. Adjacent to the beach are rows and rows of coconut groves. The main attraction of Kuakata beach is its huge waves. When the waves hit the coast, the mind wants to touch with the feet without knowing it. Enjoying sunrise in the morning and sunset in the afternoon is undoubtedly a matter of luck. Kuakata Beach has a number of attractions:

Kuakata Ecopark: The ecopark is built on 200 acres of land next to the beach. Coconut groves, Zhaoban and Gangamati reserve forests have been developed here as planned. This vast area will awaken you to peace.

Fatra Forest: The part of the beach where there is mangrove forest is called Fatra Forest. There are innumerable mangrove plants including Keora, Gewa, Fatra, Sundari, Golpata, Bain, Garan in this protected forest. If you want to go from Kuakata to Fatra forest, you have to rent a trawler.

Shutki Palli: Jalepalli is located at the western end of Kuakata beach. The dry season is usually from November to March. You can take dry goods from them at low prices.

Chargangamati: Chargangamati can be reached by going 10 km east from Kuakata Zero Point on a motorcycle. Here you can enjoy sunrise and sunset. Playing red crabs across the beach will force you to rejoice. And here you can see the rooster running in the forest.

Buddhist Monastery: Keranipara can see the two hundred year old statue of Gautam Buddha of Rakhine community. This huge statue made of eight metals weighs 36 pounds. This statue of Gautam Buddha is about 36 feet high. The temple is built in the style of Chinese architecture.

Kuakata Well: This 200 year old well is located next to the Buddhist monastery.

How to go:
Kuakata can be reached by river and road. The distance of road from Dhaka to Kuakata is 360 km. Sakura Paribahan, Survi Paribahan and Druti Paribahan buses go directly to Kuakata from Gabtoli bus stand in Dhaka. The fare of these buses is 650 to 800 TK per person. If you want to travel the easiest and most comfortable, you can choose the river. From Sadarghat you can go to Patuakhali by launching Kuakata-1, Sundarbans-9, Kajal-6, Sundarbans-11, MV Prince Awlad-6, MV R Khan-1 etc. First class cabin rent is 800 to 1000 TK, double cabin rent is 1800-3500 TK. And the deck rent is 200-300 TK. Then you have to go to the bus stand by autorickshaw from Patuakhali launch ghat. From there it takes two hours by bus to Kuakata. Rent 130 to 150 TK. You can also go to Barisal from Dhaka and Kuakata from Barisal by launch.

How to get low cost:
If you want to go to Kuakata at low cost, you can go by bus. Non AC bus fares range from TK 650 to TK 650. You can go to the cabin or cabin at launch. You can go to the launch with ease at low cost.

How to go luxuriously:
You can go to the comfortable and luxurious launch. Launch VIP cabin rent 3000 to 400 TK. All kinds of modern facilities are available in it.

Where to stay:
Numerous hotels, motels and guest houses have been built around Kuakata beach. There are popular and quality hotels here. Among them-

1. Youth Inn Hotel

Address: Kuakata, Kalapara.

Rent: 1500 to 5000 TK.

Phone: 04427-58008

2. Hotel Nilanjana

Address: Rakhine Market, Kuakata.

Rent: TK 750 to TK 4,000

Phone: 01713-84192, 01911-722

3. Holiday homes

Address: Kuakata, Kalapara.

Rent: 1000-3500 TK.

Phone: 04426-56207

4. Hotel Sky Palace

Address: Kuakata, Kalapara.

Rent: 1200 to 2000 TK.

Phone: 01718-849026

5. Faith Sea Palace Hotel

Address: Beribadh, Kuakata.

Rent: 1800 to 2500 TK.

Phone: 01730-093356

. Hotel Banani Palace

Address: Kuakata, Kalapara

Rent: TK 1250 to TK 4000.

Phone: 01712-649373

. Hotel Kuakata Inn

Address: Sadar Road, Kuakata.

Rent: 1500 to 2500 TK.

Phone: 01711-181798

How to stay low cost:
You will find different hotels at low cost. Among them – Hotel Oyster, Hotel Beach is one of them. The rent of single room in these hotels is 450 TK. Double room rent is 600 to 700 TK.

How to be luxurious:
You can stay in a luxurious way – in hotels like Youth Inn Hotel, Hotel Grover Inn, Sea-Girl, Hotel Banani Palace etc. The rent of AC room in these hotels is 1500 to 4000 TK.

What to eat:
Kuakata arranges meals at its own restaurants in residential hotels for the convenience of tourists. Lemon Char’s Crab Roast is quite well known. There are many food hotels in the tourist area including Kalapara Hotel, Hotel Mannan, Hotel Barisal etc. In these hotels you will find recipes for various marine fish and dried fish. You can also eat fried dab phuchka-chatpati, crab and hilsa on the beach.

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