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Shuvolong Jharna is an attractive tourist destination in Barkal Upazila of Rangamati district in Bangladesh. Who doesn’t like mountain Waterfall s? Speaking of Rangamati hill Waterfall s, Shubhlong Waterfall s come up. This beautiful waterfall is located at a distance of 25 km from Rangamati Sadar. During the monsoon season, the Shubhlong Waterfall falls from a height of about 300 feet. And this stream has merged into Kaptai Lake. The beauty of the surroundings can make you emotional while visiting this fountain through Kaptai Lake. There is no other way to reach Shuvolong Jharna except by waterway. A trip to Kaptai Lake, which flows through the heart of the mountain, will attract you again and again. You can hear its murmur as it approaches the Jharna. Soaking your body in Waterfall water is a different experience. The fountain and its surroundings will bring peace to your mind. The cool and turbulent water of this mountain Waterfall attracts all the tourists. On the way to the waterfall, you can see innumerable hills, which are like artistic paintings. Wherever the eye goes, there is clear water and wide green palms. Looking at the fountain of Shuvolongya in the heart of the mountain, it seems that one of the artists has painted it.

How to go:

If you go by bus, you have to go to Rangamati first. Rangamati-bound Sohag, Saudia, Shyamoli, Hanif, Eagle etc., transport buses go directly to Rangamati at Fakirapul and Saidabad in Dhaka. AC and non AC bus fare is 800 to 1000 TK. You can go to Chittagong by rail. From there you have to take a bus to Rangamati. From Kamalapur Railway Station in Dhaka you can go to Chittagong by the morning train, Mahanagar Godhuli, Subarna Express, Turna Nishita etc. The fare of these trains varies from Tk 350 to Tk 1,500. You can go directly to Chittagong by Bangladesh Biman, United Air, NovoAir, Regent Air. A bus from Oxygen Junction to Rangamati in Chittagong costs 150 TK. If you want to go to Shuvolong Waterfall from Rangamati, you have to go by boat. Trawlers can be reserved from the Rangamati Reserve Market. Depending on the size, the rent of these trawlers is usually 1200 to 3000 TK. It takes 1 hour to go to Shuvolong Jharna.

How to go low cost: Go directly to Rangamati by non-AC bus from Dhaka. Rent 600 TK. You can then reserve a small boat from the Rangamati Reserve Market. The cost is lower when many people go together. Rent 1000 to 1500 TK.

How to go luxuriously: You can go to Rangamati directly by AC bus from Dhaka. Rent 900 to 1000 TK. Or go to Chittagong first by air. Airfare is 3000-11000 TK. From Chittagong go to Rangamati by Getlock bus. Reserve a trawler from the reserve market and go to Shuvolong Jharna. Rent 1500 to 3000 TK.

Where to stay:

Since Shuvolong Jharna is in a remote area, there are no good arrangements for staying. So you have to go day in and day out. However, Rangamati has various quality guest houses, hotels, motels and boarding houses. Below are the names and addresses of some notable residential hotels:

1. Hotel Sufia

Address: Fishery Ghat, Kathaltali

Rent: AC single 900 and double 1250 TK, non-AC 600 TK.

Phone: 0351-62145, 01553-409149

2. Hotel Green Castle

Address: Reserve Market

Rent: AC 1800-2000 TK, non-AC 900-1200 TK.

Phone: 01727-511532, 0351-61214

3. Hotel Al-Moba

Address: New Market Station, Reserve Market

Rent: 800 to 1000 TK.

Phone: 01711-911158

4. Tourist motel

Address: Next to Rangamati Hanging Bridge

Rent: AC 1500-1800 TK, non-AC 1000-1200 TK

Phone: 0351-63126

5. Tourism Holiday Complex

Address: Deer Park, Rangamati

Rent: AC 1825 TK, non-AC 605 TK.

Phone: 0351-63126

How to stay low cost:
If you want to stay at low cost, you can rent non-AC rooms in the above hotels. You can also stay at various boarding houses in the vicinity of the reserve market area. Boarding costs are low.

How to stay luxurious:
You can rent AC rooms in hotels like Tourism Holiday Complex, Hotel Green Castle, Hotel Sufia etc. if you want to stay comfortably. In all these hotels the rent of AC room is up to 1200-1600 TK.

What to eat:

There is no food in Shuvolong area. So you have to eat at Rangamati or at different places of Kaptai Lake. Starting from the College Gate area of ​​Rangamati town, various food shops have sprung up at Zero Point and various tourist spots. In tourist spots, you can eat chicken Gudaiya, one of the tribal food.

How to eat low cost:
You can eat and drink with satisfaction at low prices in Banarupa and Reserve Bazaar areas.

How to eat luxuriously:
If you want to eat luxuriously, you can eat in famous restaurants. Or you can eat at different places of Kaptai Lake such as Chang Pang, Peda Ting Ting, Mojang, Gorba restaurant.

Advice to do that!

If you want to see the full form of Shubhlong Jharna, go in the rainy season or later. Going in a group will cost less. Bargain properly when reserving a trawler. You can rent hotels near Kaptai Lake. If you don’t know how to swim, keep a life jacket with you. Keep spare battery and charger for mobile or camera. Be sure to keep the mini multiplug. If you are in trouble, call the emergency number 999.

Advice not to do those things!

Do not do any work that harms the environment and biodiversity. Do not eat anything given to you by strangers. If you don’t know how to swim, don’t go into the water. Do not throw empty packets of polythene, plastic bottle chips there.

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