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Ahsan Manzil is located at Islampur in present-day old Dhaka on the banks of the river Buriganga. It was the residence and Sadar Kachari of the Nawab family of Dhaka, a British Indian. Ahsan Manzil is one of the best architectural monuments of Dhaka. It is said that it was the Rangmahal of Enayetullah, the zamindar of Jamalpur Pargana during the Mughal period. The French later bought the palace from his son Sheikh Matiullah. In 1830, Khwaja Alimullah bought the house from the French. Khwaja Abdul Ghani renovated the house and made it his residence. Originally the construction of Ahsan Manzil started in 1859 and ended in 182. Ahsan Manzil is named after his son Khwaja Ahsanullah. The building has since been renovated more than once. The floor and veranda of this building are made of marble stone. This building is made of bricks and stones. Each room has an octagon and the roof is made of wood. Inside the Ahsan Manzil there are two parts, the eastern part has a living room and library and the western part has a dance hall and other living rooms. In front of Ahsan Manzil there is a beautiful flower garden and green field. Ahsan Manzil is now preserved as a museum. The museum was opened to the public in 1992. A total of 408 specimens are preserved in 23 of the 31 rooms. Every year many domestic and foreign tourists come here to visit.

Inspection schedule:
Ahsan Manzil is open from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm from Saturday to Wednesday. Ahsan Manzil is closed on Thursday. Open Fridays from 3 pm to 8 pm.

Ticket price:
Admission for adult Bangladeshi visitors is 5 TK. 2 TK for children below 12 years. The entry fee for tourists from SAARC countries is Rs 5 and Rs 75 for other foreigners. Tickets are not required for the disabled. Students will be able to visit free of charge but must apply in advance.

How to go:
You can go directly to Ahsan Manzil by rickshaw from Gulistan in Dhaka. Rickshaw fare is 20-40 TK.

Where to stay:
There are several residential hotels in the vicinity of Ahsan Manzil.

1. Medina Hotel

Address: Islampur Dhaka-1100

2. Hotel Golden Peak

Address: 4,2 Aizaz Ghat Road, Dhaka-1100

Phone: 01971-22038

3. Hotel floor

Address: Syed Hasan Lane, Dhaka

Phone: 01718-56047

4. Ayis Ghat Boat Hotel

Address: Ayaz Ghat, Dhaka-1100

Where to eat:
Old Dhaka is famous for its food. So you don’t have to worry much about food. You will find innumerable hotels and restaurants around Islampur. It would not be wrong to call old Dhaka the city of biryani. Hajir Biryani of Nazira Bazar, Nannar Biryani, Khasir Leg, Shrimp and Faluda of Hotel Star on Nawabpur Road. Hotel Al Razzaq’s Katchi, Tantibazar’s Kashmir Kanchi, Bismillah’s Boti Kabab at the corner of Nazira Bazar and Gurdar are famous for their food.

Advice to do that!
The museum carries our history so get enough knowledge to visit Ahsan Manzil. Call 999 in case of emergency.

Advice not to do those things!
Not harm the museum’s patterns. Do not eat anything given to you by strangers. Do not engage in arguments or quarrels with anyone.

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