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Bangabandhu Safari Park is one of the tourist attractions of Bangladesh. The Bangabandhu Safari Park is modelled on the Safari World in Thailand and Bali Safari Park in Indonesia.

You can see tigers, bears, elephants, lions, deer, monkeys, Hanuman, cuckoos, crocodiles, and various species of colourful birds roaming freely in the protected minibus. If you are lucky, suddenly animals can come and attack your car in a different way.

You can easily enjoy the scenic beauty of the park by climbing the Watch Tower. The lakes of the park are full of waterfowl chirping, guest bird sanctuaries in winter. You can learn a lot about the safari park through the information and education center, video briefing, students and researchers. Learn about wildlife and plant species from the Natural History Museum.

It is located in Pirujali Union, 3 km west of Bagher Bazar in Gazipur. Bangabandhu Square, Core Safari Park, Bangabandhu Square, Biodiversity, Extensive Asian, Safari Kingdom, and Safari Park are attractive places for tourists.

Bangabandhu Square-
Bangabandhu Square is made up of about 36 acres of land. There is an interestingly decorated main gate. There is also a display map, information center, dormitory, natural history museum, park office, lounge, and eco-resort.

The Safari Kingdom –
The safari kingdom is made up of 565 acres of land. Here wild animals are usually confined in small enclosures. Here tourists can enjoy the crafts and sports of various animals on foot. You can see the nature center, giraffe feeding spot, boating and lake zone, Pelican Island, Crown Pheasant Aviary, Aquarium, Crocodile Park, Orchid House, Butterfly Corner, Butterfly Corner, Butterfly Corner. -Kashim Breeding Center, Kangaroo Garden, Elephant Show Gallery, Snake Park, Lizard Park, Fensicarp Park, Fancy Dark Park, Macau Open Land, Fodcottar and Lake.

Core Safari-
Core safari is the main attraction of the safari park. The core safari covers an area of ​​1335 acres. Tourists are not allowed to enter the core safari except the protected minibus. There are 2 jeeps and 2 minibuses for tourists in the core safari area. You can see tigers, lions, black bears, African cheetahs, sambabs, hyenas, nilgai, baro horns, hippopotamuses, bird islands, etc., roaming in the jeep. Separate fee. TK 100 per adult for 20 minutes tour and TK 50 for under 18 years of age. You can ride in jeep-mini buses. You can also travel on a paddle boat for 30 minutes at TK

Park entrance fee-
Tickets cost Tk 50 for Bangladeshis, but Tk 20 for 18-year-olds. Tickets for general students or students on educational tours cost 10 TK. In addition, 400 to 100 students who come on educational tours with prior permission, 400 TK and more than 100 TK 600 entrance fee. The entrance fee for foreign tourists is 5 US dollars.

When to go to the safari park-

The safari park can be visited at any time of the year, but the best time to visit the safari park is from November to March. Gazipur Safari Park has a weekly holiday on Tuesdays and is open from 9 am to 5 pm every day.

How to get to the safari park at low cost-

The distance from Dhaka to Safari Park is 40 km. Bangabandhu Safari Park is located 3 km west of Bagher Bazar on the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway. You can ride a CNG or easy bike from the tiger market. The safari park can be rented for 20 to 30 TK.

From Dhaka Airport, you can take any bus to Mymensingh, Jamalpur, Sherpur, Netrokona and get off at Bagher Bazar. You can take CNG from Bagher Bazar or take an easy bike to Safari Park.

You can also go from anywhere in the country by reserving a microbus or a private car.

From any station you can come to Gazipur railway station, from the station you have to go to Joydebpur crossroads, from the crossroads, you have to take bus, minibus, you have to go through Laguna to Bagher Bazar, from Bagher Bazar you can take CNG, or you can take easy bike to Safari Park

Car Parking Rental –
Parking cost per bus or truck is TK 200, microbus / private car parking cost TK.100, autorickshaw / CNG parking cost TK.60.

How to eat-

Entering the park with food is strictly prohibited. So you have to buy food from two restaurants inside the park at a slightly higher price and eat it. Tiger watching restaurant and lion watching restaurant, you can easily observe tiger/lion by the glass wall while sitting in the restaurant.

In addition, there are some restaurants outside the gate, you can eat from there as you wish.

Where to stay-

There is a neat restroom in the park for resting or overnight after the round meal, must be booked in advance. From a distance you can come to Gazipur crossroads and spend the night in any hotel can be rented for 800 to 2000 TK.

Advice not to do those things!

Above all, follow the warning message, do not go near the wild animals, and disturb the animals in any way. Do not do any immoral-anti-social work. Do not throw empty packets of polythene, plastic bottle chips wherever they are. Do not do work that harms the environment.

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