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‘Shaat Gombuj Mosque’ is a world heritage site in Bangladesh located in Bagerhat district. It is believed that Ulugh Khan-i-Jahan built this mosque in the 15th century. This magnificent mosque built by Hazrat Khan Jahan (Ra) is located about 1.5 km west of his Dargah. Medieval architecture occupies a special place in architectural techniques and in the decoration of herbs on red soil. It took a lot of time and money to build this mosque. The stone for the construction of the mosque was brought from Rajmahal in Odisha, India, in distant Chittagong. UNESCO declared the 60-domed mosque a World Heritage Site in 1985. Next to the Satgumbuj Mosque in Bagerhat, several other mosques, tombs, ponds and TBs have been found, which date back to the medieval period. Although the mosque’s name is Shaat Gombuj, the total number of domes in the mosque is 61. The domes are arranged in seven rows. 11 domes in each row. There are four more domes in the four corners of the mosque. The mosque is about 160 feet long on the south and about 143 feet long on the inside. And about 104 feet wide on the outside to the east-west and about 6 feet wide on the inside. The thickness of the walls is 6 and a half feet. The height of the roof from the floor inside the mosque is about 21 feet. There is a stairway to the roof through the southeast corner tower called Raushan Kotha and the northeast corner tower is called Andhar Kotha. Inside the mosque, there are 70 pillars or pillars. According to some, due to these 70 pillars, the name of this mosque has changed from sixty pillars to Shaat Gombuj in the evolution of time. According to some, the name of this mosque is changed from seven domes to Shaat Gombuj as the domes are lined up in seven rows. The east wall of the mosque has 11 huge doors. The door in the middle is the largest in size. The north and south walls have 6 and 14 doors, respectively. Inside the mosque, there are ten mihrabs on the west wall. The middle mihrab is quite large in size. There are five mihrabs in the south and four in the north. An important feature of this mosque is the entrance built next to the central mihrab which can be seen in some mosques in northern India but is uncommon in Bengal. The front yard has been decorated as the mosque is a place of interest. There is a huge lake in front of the mosque. The mosque is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in summer and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in winter. Sunday is a public holiday.

Ticket price:

The entrance fee is 20 TK per person. Tickets for foreigners cost 200 TK.

How to go:

Several buses go from Dhaka to Bagerhat. Meghna, Banful, Falguni, Ara, Hamim, Tourist, Dhaleshwar Paribahan buses leave Dhaka’s Sayedabad bus terminal for Bagerhat. From Gabtali bus terminal, Sohag, Hanif and Eagle Paribahan buses go to Bagerhat. Rent from Rs 350 to Rs 600. You have to take a rickshaw from Bagerhat bus stand to Satgumbuj Mosque. Rickshaw fare is 30-50 TK. If you want to go by train, you have to go to Khulna, then you can go to Bagerhat by CNG or bus from Khulna.

How to go low cost:
You can easily go to Bagerhat by bus at low cost. Bus fare is 350 to 500 TK. It takes 6 hours. You can get off the bus and go to the sixty-domed mosque by rickshaw.

How to go luxuriously:
From Dhaka you can go to Bagerhat by Diganta Paribahan, Hanif Paribahan bus. Rent 500 to 600 TK. You can go to Khulna by train. From Khulna you can go to Satgumbuj Mosque by reserving a private car or CNG.

Where to stay:

There are no good arrangements for staying in Bagerhat. Some residential hotels are of medium quality. Among them are Mumtaz Hotel, Hotel Avi, Hotel Al Amin, Hotel Mohana. You can spend the night in these hotels for 400 to 1000 TK. There are also government guest houses.

What to eat:

You will find many food hotels in Bagerhat Sadar. There are good quality hotels near Bagerhat bus stand and Dargah where you can get all kinds of food.

Advice to do that!

Keep food, saline and an adequate amount of water with you. If necessary, call 999.

Advice not to do those things!

Do not spoil the environment by throwing different plastic packets here and there. Use a dustbin if needed. Don’t get involved in an argument with anyone. Don’t eat things given to you by strangers.

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