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Sonargaon is a glorious town in Bangladesh in terms of art, culture and literature. Sonargaon is located in Sonargaon Upazila of Narayanganj district in Bangladesh. Sonargaon is also a historical ancient city. Sonargaon was once the capital of Bengal. Its ancient history is very rich. Sonargaon is a unique example of modern architectural style. It was the capital of the Hindu period in the late thirteenth century. It was later established as the provincial center of East Bengal under Muslim rulers. The name Sonargaon is thought to have originated from ancient Subarnagram. According to some, Sonargaon was named after Sona Bibi, the wife of Bara Bhuiyan chief Isha Khan. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the medieval city. However, it was bounded on the east by the Meghna River, on the west by the Shitalakshya River, on the north by the Brahmaputra River, and south by the Dhaleshwari River. Muslim domination in the region began around 1271 AD. Sonargaon was the capital of East Bengal during the reign of Isha Khan and his descendants. At that time, it was known as Panama City. In the nineteenth century, it was the abode of the wealthy merchants of Sonargaon. The buildings here are made of small red bricks. Most buildings are rectangular. The main attraction of the 52 old buildings on both sides of the road. There is a museum, a seminar room and a craft village. There is a museum of folk and handicrafts of Bangladesh. The museum has several galleries, libraries, Lokmancha Documentation Center. The museum has about four and a half thousand specimens preserved. The museum is closed every Wednesday and Thursday. Near the museum is the Taj Mahal of Bengal, modelled on the Taj Mahal in Agra. Sonargaon also teaches tourists to observe history with their own eyes. It is a matter of fortune to see hundreds of years of art and culture.

Ticket price:

The entrance fee to the museum is 50 TK.

Admission to Panama City is 15 TK.

The entrance fee for the Taj Mahal in Bengal is 150 TK.

How to go:

The distance from Dhaka to Sonargaon is 26 kilometers. There are both AC and non-AC buses from Dhaka to Sonargaon. You will get a bus from the Gulistan bus stand in Dhaka to Mugarapara crossroads in Sonargaon. Borak is one of the AC buses. The fare of AC bus is 55 TK per person. Swadesh and Doel are among the non-AC buses. The fare of all these buses is 40 TK per person. Then you have to take a rickshaw or auto down Mograpara crossroads. You can go to different spots of Sonargaon by rickshaw as you wish.

How to go at low cost:
From Gulistan bus stand in Dhaka, take Swadesh or Duel Paribahan bus to Mograpara crossroads in Sonargaon. From there you can go to Panama City and Taj Mahal by rickshaw or autorickshaw with museum.

How to go luxuriously:
If you want to go luxuriously, you can hire a private car or a taxi. You can go to Mograpara crossroads by AC bus of Borak Paribahan. From there you can go to Sonargaon by reserving a rickshaw or CNG. As it is close to Sonargaon from Dhaka, you can also go directly to Sonargaon by reserving CNG.

Where to stay:

As Sonargaon is very close to Dhaka, you can go back day by day. However, in case you can stay in different residential hotels in Narayanganj, the rent is 800 to 2000 TK.

What to eat:

You will find innumerable food hotels in different spots in Sonargaon. In these hotels, you will find high-quality food, including rice, fish, meat, biryani. You can eat according to your taste and budget.

Advice to do that!

The archaeological heritage of any country carries the heritage of its country so go ahead and learn a lot about it. Keep food with saline and an adequate amount of water. Bus fare, bargain for hotel stay. In case of emergency, call 999.

Advice not to do those things!

Do not do any work that damages archaeological resources. Don’t get involved in any chaos. Don’t throw dirt anywhere.

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